Art inspired by everyday experience.  

Sometimes artwork comes with a plan, but for me it is about leaving room for spirit to come through with its own plan.  The artwork you see here begins by asking for guidance, and continues within a forgiving space that allows me to play and to discover what it is spirit is trying to communicate with me.  

Mistakes are more like gentle nudges in different directions. Accidents are reminders that it's not up to me.  Hesitation and abundance of premeditation aren't allowed on the playground.  



     Creating circular drawings provide a way for me to meditate on the experiences in my life.  As I show up to the page, there is not a specific idea in mind.  What naturally occurs is that my mind settles, and my most present thoughts manifest through an image.  Throughout its creation, I have the opportunity to process these things while deeper meaning manifests.  They have to do with places I have travelled to, people I have met, arguments I have had, joys that I have shared.  I allow these thoughts and feelings to flow, and let my intuition tell me what to do next.  Learning to hear and trust the inner voice that says "make this yellow, create a change here," and the beauty that come of that is the most fulfillment I could achieve.  These images allow me to heal and give me strength.  They are beyond any words I could assign these experiences.  This process allows the images to hold space around the dualities of good or bad, happy or sad, right or wrong experiences, and allows them the silence to simply be and be seen as whole.



      As with the meditations, paintings are begun with no specific ideas in mind.  Before I sit down to a painting, I try to find a quiet space to give thanks and to ask for guidance.  When I begin, I usually start with a light color making whatever marks on the canvas I feel.  I turn the canvas and continue to work this way, following my intuition without any true goal except to listen.  As I continue to turn the canvas and make marks, eventually I see something there that wants to be brought forward from them, and from there I focus my intentions on manifesting that idea.